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Thank you for visiting the University of Surrey’s ‘Sex, Gender and Sexualities’ Research Group (SGS) website. The website contains information about the group, our people and the research we do. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or would like to find out more about what we do and/or how to work with us.

This section of the website is for UGPN colleagues only. The SGS aims to internationalise its membership and to support UGPN colleagues conducting research and teaching on any areas relating to sex, gender and sexualities to connect and collaborate with one another. We welcome scholars from across disciplines and at all stages of their careers, including postgraduate and early career researchers and teaching staff, through to established and senior academics.

In light of the ongoing importance of scholarship on sex, gender and sexualities around the world, we intend for the SGS to represent an inclusive space in which members can support one another, share successes and challenges, and identify opportunities for collaborative projects, events and other activities. We recognise the barriers that sex, gender and sexualities scholars face in conducting and speaking about their work in different country contexts, and we hope that members can learn and draw strength from an international collaborative network.

With that in mind, we are keen to learn more about you and the work you are doing. Please feel free to share any ideas and wishes you may have for a cross-UGPN SGS Research Group and what you would like to see from the group using the form below. You can complete the form anonymously or, if you wish, share your details and what you are working on. Please be reassured that your contributions will be handled securely and will only be visible to University of Surrey SGS members. Alternatively, please feel free to email your contributions to

We will review your thoughts and contributions to inform our plans for developing the group. We therefore very much appreciate your time and effort. If you wish to be more directly involved in the development of the group, please do let us know. Please also feel free to pass on the details of the group to others who you feel may be interested in our plans.